The “Islamic” Merchant.

In my previous post (The Rise of Islamism 2.0) I presented an example that reflects the role of a trader in society & politics, how the “bazaar” traders of Iran took advantage of the demands movement and the reasons for their support of the Islamic Republican Party & its routes. The “Islamic” merchant is he who invests in a limited sector (that perhaps maybe non-existent in the West and in the “Shah” era of Iran) namely the “Islamic” investment sector. The sector extends between “Islamic” banking and through “Islamic” tourism, and ends with the delicacy that has the term “Halal” labeled on its packet. The “Islamic” merchant encroaches his being due to self interest in the Islamic movement & its orientation towards liberal economic policies. The “Islamic” merchant, whose confinement is to his self in the “Islamic” sector, is one of the most important decision makers in the event of transforming liberal democracy along with other key sectors. This is based on a summary on the investment theory by the intellectual: Noam Chomsky, which reveals that elections are a period where every power invests in a certain candidate who is in protection of their best interest. In the R-rated series (South Park: Episode 14 Season 16) the episode portrays the idea of the investment theory in politics, focusing it on the entertainment sector and the cinema. The “Islamic” merchant will do everything in his will power to maintain the status quo of the economic state and naturally is close to all decision makers on the Islamic front (clerics, etc) and is in the center of the Islamic movement; although he prefers not to be seen as such. The future of the “Islamic” merchant is in the hands of the Islamic movement and its abilities in imitating the dogma of Khomeini with compliance to the requirements of today.

This post is a rough translation done by a third party, for the original Arabic version of this post click here .

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