Bahrain Debate, let us talk

Bahrain Debate is a grassroots initiative aimed at bringing together Bahrain and GCC’s youth, and opening a new space to discuss ideas and opinions on current and future political, economic, and social challenges facing the Kingdom and the region. The goal of the event is encouraging people to speak their mind and share ideas in a constructive manner.

Bahrain Debate is organized by the youth for the youth, with no affiliation to any political stream. the events, although licensed by the Information Affairs Authority, are also not affiliated with the government. Bahrain Debate is completely funded and organized independently, and no official body or entity has control over the sessions or their content or themes.


The event is broken down into sessions that encourage the sharing of ideas, respect of differing opinions, and constructive feedback.

Speech/Feedback sessions will give each speaker a set period of time (4:00 minutes) to openly talk about any topic they like. Following the speech, one or two audience members will be given a chance only to comment with their own views. The Speech/Feedback sessions will not have back and forth discussions, but solely focus on sharing opinions and accepting them.

Open Debate sessions will have a a set theme and are managed by a moderator. The moderator’s objective is to push the discussion forward within the specified topic, and focus on creating constructive feedback and realistic solutions. All the speakers in addition to audience members will be active participants.

for more information and a list of speakers/debaters please do visit our website

You may also follow us on twitter @BahrainDebate or pitch in the per-discussion #BahrainDebate

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