#BasnaIsha3at #BasnaFetan another #Unitebh?

Bahrain, as we all know by now, has fallen into a ditch … where speaking of unity perhaps comes second to the need of creating a sense of coexistence. Yet, I really have much respect for Bahrainis … we always tend to prove -because of the peaceful/loving nature of our society- that we own big forgiving hearts. Hearts that, no matter what political turbulences hold for the country; are willing to beat as one.

Ever since February the 14th, Bahrainis have been present in masses on social media websites … for some it was a great median for practicing their freedom of speech, others chose to abuse that freedom to instigate hate and hoot for the alienation of a whole sect … yet only a select few found the need to place some sanity in the midst of all this madness, to call for unity.

Such initiatives can be seen at open on twitter … where the hashtag #Unitebh leads the herd in this case … Yet other hashtags have also emerged such as: #BasnaIsha3at which calls upon those who spread malicious “news items” (that are far from true) to simply stop doing so … and #BasnaFetan which calls for an end to all which disrupts national unity … Sadly though, in my honest opinion, these twitter campaigns are merely “Shouting in the dark.”

The call for unity today is far fetched for there are those who have been mutilated during Bahrain’s reminiscence of the dark ages … Losses extended through people’s physical safety, financial stability and there are those who even had to adjust their social circle due to the fear of harassment. What Bahrain really has to go through, is coexistence … we have to learn to live together, and we have to respect that we all hold different values and different political aspirations.  و إِختلافُ الرأيّ لا يُفسِدُ في الودِ قَضِيّة.

Yet something tells me that if we seek social change … we cannot do it merely on twitter. Those hashtags, however very patriotic and well intentioned, hold no real power … no leverage to incept the idea, and are very disconnected from the general public. They are simply words made by and for the “Nido-Generation.” منكم و إليكم و السلام عليكم

I really hope those level-heads who came up with such initiatives would meet up and discuss how to take real action … how to get Bahrain involved … where to seek for funding … who to involve … and what the message is all about … if not – then we are surely not heading anywhere.

Yet, I’m very optimistic … Consider this; a dozen of men who each have lost all body parts but one –where each holds a unique part in the dozen- find working together a necessity rather than a luxury … and a dozen of men who are completely fit choose to live by the “survival of the fittest” … Verily, we as Bahrainis happen to be damaged goods at the moment, so in which example should we find refuge?

At last … I’d love to encourage all to hoot for #unitebh … simply because there are those who are evil in nature … and believe me, those happen to know no sleep … nor show any despair … and will not stop until Bahrain is brought down to blitz.

May love, peace and revolution hit upon our little island. لا شيعية، لا سنية … وحدة وحدة بحرينية 

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