As I deprive myself from food

Many ask me why I decided to go through with the hunger strike … and if I’m honest I wouldn’t have thought of the idea without Zainab Al Khawajah (@angryarabiya) – who is a real inspiration!! But I joined it for two main reasons:

1. To provide moral support to Zainab, where we would be going through the same thing pretty much.

and more importantly:

2. To demand, in a rather different form, the release of My cousin Dr Khulood Ali Al Sayyad.

 “Dr.Khulood Al-Sayyad a Paediatrician at Salmaniya Hospital (Bahrain) has been detained by the police forces more than a week ago around the 5th of April. She disappeared from Salmaniya hospital following what was told to her was a doctors meeting and it was eventually found out that she is being held for an undisclosed reason.

 She is an ex-student of Sacred Heart School (Bahrain) and studied medicine in Oman. She is a respectful and decent person and she had only recently got married and has a bright life ahead. She does not deserve.”

Source: Free Khulood Al Sayyad 

And as of today, the 16th of April, I am going through the 5th day of Hunger Strike … and I wish not stop until Khulood is released. 

Verily, all I ask those who read this piece is to join the facebook page [the source above] to show support to her family.

May love, Peace, revolution and the evacuation of prisons hit our little island, Bahrain<3

16 thoughts on “As I deprive myself from food

  1. I respect what you wrote except the last sentence .. revolution against who? the king ?! and then you say why you get into prison ? love and revolution cannot happen my friend. If you dont want the royal family to stay .. i disagree with you.. how can we love each other ?!

    • Hello My friend,

      Revolution in my context is the act of bettering ourselves not overthrowing an existent regime – I am one of those who preach for a constitutional monarchy …

      I apologize if you understood it in a different way and I really do hope others avoid such a misunderstanding

      • I agree .. but dont u think that its contradicting to swear at the royal family and wish death for them but then you ask for a constitutional monarchy!? If I demand something from someone .. what would be a better way to ask.. swearing at him or trying to persuade him ?

      • I believe your concerns are unfounded …. I have not swore and never wished the death to the ruling family … and This blog entry is perhaps not the right place to mingle about this … it is entirely humanitarian and is the furthest thing from politics one could get

  2. I am a non-Bahraini Arab American supporting you all the way from America 🙂 Good luck and I pray that your cousin and the rest of those imprisoned will be released soon.

  3. I stand by all the people who are currently on hunger strike and I just wish to comment on those “slaves of the royal family” to stop being captivated and free themselves..Nothing in this world is for granted and nothing will remain forever, the Royal family has taken their role and its time for a new regime to be in plcae..

  4. I support all the people who are on hunger strike ..God bless you .Our prayers . this the least thing we can do to our prisioners

  5. Thank you for your continued posts. Your courage and determination are a profound inspiration not only to me but to many around the world. Keep sharing your thoughts and perspective. It doesn’t go unnoticed. I continue to pray for all in Bahrain, and especially those who reamin missing. May PEACE find Bahrain

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