Iran, Hezbollah, Kuwait and the US: Why Bahrain?

“The following tweets are merely my personal opinions with regards to

Iran, Hezbollah, Kuwait and the US’s intentions with regards to #Bahrain.

1. The first thing we have to establish is that the government does

not necessarily represent the intentions of the people.For example,

even though the majority in the US voted for Obama … many criticize

the vagueness of his administration’s foreign policy

2. That established, we have to give in to the fact that Iran and

Iraq’s protests shows the intentions of the people … not the


3. However, Iran’s statement lately were aimed at buying allegiances

… namely of the protesters of #lulu in #Bahrain. for building the

#lulu monument in Iran subconsciously forces the protesters to pay

respect to the government of Iran.

4. That said … the Iraqi people, not government, named a roundabout

in Nassriyah after #lulu … which forces respect to the Iraqi people.

5. But many wonder, why all of a sudden Shiaa – and lets not run away

from labels – felt the urge to show moral support to the protesters?

Simply because the Peninsula Shield was felt to carry sect “cleansing”

rather than restoring safety in #Bahrain.So by default, any threat of

such nature would draw attention to the larger group outside … where

were those protests before the GCC came?

6. The demands in #Bahrain are political in nature … that said any

allegations of links with any foreign body are juvenile.

7. Yet, foreign bodies -as stated before- may want in on the fruits of

the reforms! That proves nothing of their involvement NOW though.

8. The fruits of the reforms can be governed -in the future- in a way

that foreign bodies do not get to benefit from!

9. Loyalty is indeed a tacky issue here … “are Arabs pushing their

people towards Iran?” in #Bahrain … Yes sadly.

10. Hezbollah DO NOT want to physically intervene -as per Nasrallah-

if they did “Peninsula Shield” would be a big embarrassment to the


11. Nassrallah’s words were purely motivational on a humanitarian

level … equating #Bahrain to #Egypt and #Tunisia … why not?

12. The #Kuwait(i) intervention in #Bahrain has been barred … which

shows that POSITIVE help is not entertained neither allowed. On the

other hand, the “Peninsula Shield” was greeted … to date, they have

killed protesters and removed #lulu .. Negative help?

13. Sh Ali Salman -when asked about Sh Al Madrassi- urged all figures

not to interfere in #Bahrain but to reinforce unity. Yet, to the best

of my knowledge, #Bahrain tv aired a statement by Qardhawi that did

NOT enforce unity at all.To say the least … any radicals are to be

silenced #Bahrain #lulu

14. The US is also not to be left out of this equation … they

actually have the MORE interests in #Bahrain Vs Iran. 5th fleet

stationed in #Bahrain, and possible fears of moving towards the Euro

(perhaps the smartest thing to do now) – US interests, which is easy

to sell to the American public … yet in essence democracy is only

supported if it complies to the safety of US interests

I apologize to all the Arabic illiterate … but here’s an article to

somehow back the last point [ar]

This video also somehow supports it … even though aired on

Republican Fox News #lol #Bahrain

BBC’s Katty Kay: Obama Doesn’t Want Media To Report Bahrain Rebellion @AddToAny (further evidence?)

16. criminalizing the opposition for delaying demands was also used by

the US (and other bodies) to discredit the movement.This makes it even

easier to label the movement as a malicious one rather than one that

seeks reform -I’ll now post some sources to prove so.

Crackdown Was Only Option, #Bahrain Sunnis Say – NYtimes – notice the emphasis on division (why not


17. The conditions were very much reasonable … but perhaps I am not

the best at explaining why … the following video shall [(ar) sadly]

The interview of Sh Ali Salman on Al Jazeera –

#Bahrain [ar]

Again those were mere opinions based on observations.. I would love to

have constructive arguments (after you watch the last video of course)”

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